Why a Doula and Not just a Birth Partner?

Doulas do not take the place of the birth partner but rather enhance it. A birth partner is indeed essential support for the laboring mother to have by her side. But the partner will have to eat, use the bathroom at times, and have their own emotional journey that requires support. Many partners have limited knowledge about medical procedures or what goes on in the hospital. Doulas have knowledge and experience about all these things, and they can use it to inform and support both the mother and her partner. Doctors and Nurses care, but childbirth is intense, demanding, unpredictable, and painful. It can last 2 to 24 hours or more. Even a fully prepared birth partner and mother may find it challenging to apply classroom learning to the actual situation. If you are not well prepared, all the labor challenges are baffling and anxiety-producing. The Doctors and Nurses will be very busy with the clinical aspects of the birth, which are the highest priority. They rarely remain in the room, and they must take breaks, perform clinical duties outside the room, and are often taking care of more than one laboring patient at a time. One of the most positive developments in maternity care is the addition of a Doula who guides and supports women and their partners CONTINUOUSLY through labor and birth and early postpartum. A doula can not and does not take over the birth partner’s role because only the birth partner knows the birthing mother better and loves them as no one does. Doulas can support Natural Childbirth/Pain Medicated births/Epidurals /and Caesareans. They can help write your birth plan.